Friquently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install JUJU on two different target phones?

Yes, you can. After buying a separate licence for each phone, you can download and install JUJU in as many target phones as you want. Currently, you can only install this software in iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones. You can login to your private account from member area with your user name & password, where you can view all the information uploaded from the phone you are monitoring.

How can I view data simultaneously from different target phones?

Once you login to Member Area, you will be given a separate control panel for each individual phone. After you click on the control panel of any target phone of your choice, you will be able to access all the available data uploaded from the monitoring phone by clicking on the tabs for different functions.

Is it possible to view the monitoring phone data on my own cell phone?

Currently, we do not offer a feature that enables viewing the target phone data from your own cell phone. However, we are working on introducing this feature and ultimately, you will be able to view the target phone data on your personal mobile.

Does JUJU offer support for my phone?

JUJU supports all iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones. Meanwhile, we are working on offering compatibility with other popular devices. If your device is not mentioned within the list of supported devices and you want to know when it will be supported, please feel free to contact our Support Centre.

Will the target users ever find out that JUJU is running in their cell phones?

No, the target phone users will never be able to find out if this application is installed in their phone. This is a highly undetectable application, which works in the background discreetly and without interrupting with the phone’s functionality. The target phone user can never sense that their phone is under surveillance. After being successfully installed, you receive a prompt message saying“JUJU started successfully”.

What is ‘Members Area’?

Members Area is a place available on the website. You can monitor all activities of the target phone by logging into Members Area account using your username and password.

Is there any special software required to use JUJU?

No. In order to use JUJU services, you simply need a web browser and Internet access to download and install the client software (JUJU) on the phone you want to monitor.

Where do I get JUJU client software (JUJU)?

In order to use JUJU, you need to sign-up and purchase the service from the website. Once you complete your registration & payment, a download link will be emailed to you along with necessary instructions, including activation and deactivation codes. Open the link in target phone’s web browser to download the client application (JUJU) onto the phone. This process takes less than 2 minutes and it begins to run automatically.

Do you provide JUJU software updates?

Yes. As long as you are a JUJU subscriber, you can contact our Support Centre for any available updates which will be free of charges.

If, in case I decide to cancel my subscription, how will I be able to do that?

If you want to discontinue your subscription and disable your JUJU account, then contact our Support Centre. We will send you an email with detailed instructions about uninstalling & deactivating JUJU from target phone. Additionally, we will delete all your information from our servers and will alert you through email once the process completes. If you wish to sign up again, you can re-subscribe to our services, following the method as mentioned above.

How do I play recordings of the surroundings done through the target phone?

In order to play the recordings, you will have to download a specific codec to play with Windows Media Player. Recordings are done in 3GP (.3gp) or AMR (.amr) format depending upon the phone platform. Apple QuickTime player supports both 3GP and AMR format files. Kindly, be informed that you cannot listen to those recordings that are not fully uploaded to MyGenie.

How will I be able to play videos?

Video recordings are done in 3GP format. To view the recording in Windows Media Player, you will need to download 3GP codec. You can also download a free 3GP player to play the videos. Apple QuickTime can play 3GP files without needing a codec to support the function.

How do I play call recordings?

Call recordings are also saved in 3GP format. You will need to download 3GP codec to play them with Windows Media Player. You can also download a free 3GP player to play the recordings. Apple QuickTime can play 3GP files without needing a specific codec.

If a target phone user uses a browser other than the default browser of the phone, will the browsing history still be logged?

Currently, JUJU logs the browsing history only for the default browser of the phone. If, in case monitoring person uses a different browser other than the default browser, then it is not possible to view browsing history.

How can I install & activate JUJU?

Please refer to the installation guide for detailed installation instructions link to get further guidance on installation & activation instructions.

Is it possible and lawful to switch Phone under one license?

Yes, you can switch as many phones as you like under one license. This is allowed and is not unlawful by any means. Simply, deactivate StealthGenie by dialling deactivation code on the active target phone & DISCONNECT the call instantly. Following that, you need to contact our Support Centre for further guidance.

If I upgrade my license, do I have to reinstall the software on the target phone?

No, you don’t have to install anything new, after you have upgraded the license. The adjustments are made automatically to set off new features on your target phone.

This is not possible; neither this service is offered by any other software in the market

No, you don’t have to install anything new, after you have upgraded the license. The adjustments are made automatically to set off new features on your target phone.

In case of urgent assistance required, how do you offer support?

You can get instant support from our Support Centre by opening Support Tickets

Does JUJU support my phone?

Currently, JUJU supports Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones. For a complete list of supported phones please refer to the list of supported phones by clicking on “Compatible Phones”

What if the target phone is broken, is it possible to migrate the license to another phone?

Simply, an email to our Support Centre and we will adjust your account so that you can install JUJU on a new target phone. In the meantime, you can uninstall our application from the phone you were monitoring previously.

Can I upgrade my license with a prorated fee?

Yes, you can upgrade by paying a prorated amount for the rest of your license period. To upgrade, login to Members Area > Control Panel > Account > Invoice > Upgrade.

Does the target iPhone need to be Jailbroken before JUJU is installed on it?

Yes, the target iPhone needs to be jailbroken. Jailbreak process is extremely easy. You can find plenty of tutorials on the internet to guide yourself on how to jailbreak an iPhone