Smart Phones Monitoring

Minitor Smart devices, tracking every activity remotely and secretly.

JUJU is designed for tracking activities on Smart phones or tablets remotely. With JUJU, parents can easily monitor their kids, and for business owners, they can track and know all kind of information on their employees’ devices. JUJU is installed and hid on the monitored smart devices and whenever you want to view the monitored data, all you need is to log in your account remotely on your own smart phones, tablets or computers.

3 Simple Steps to Monitor on Smart Phones or Tablets with Ease

  1. Registration on JUJU portal         2. Install JUJU on Target Phone          3. Start Monitoring from your Portal


steathcameraJUJU is most advanced and features rich cell phone spy software, it offers many features for monitoring the cell phone activities. JUJU is multipurpose application and it caters your most of monitoring needs, whether you are monitoring your child or wants to track you employees. StealthGenie is a perfect solution and it has all the required mobile spy software features.

1 .Calls

voicerecordCall Record

Juju is able to record all the incoming and outgoing conversations, where one gets to know who is calling and being called out without the target’s notice, where all the call history is uploaded with the caller’s phone number, call duration, date and time and the name assigned to the number in the phones address book.

livecontrollLive Call Intercept

Juju is able to intercept call logs without the target phone owner ever finding out. Call Interception is the ability to listen in to an active phone call on a target mobile phone. When any calls to or from this numbers occur on the target phone, SpyPhone Software will send a secret SMS to your mobile. You can now call the target mobile and listen in to the live call.

2. Power Features

trackingcontinous Live phone surroundings

You can make a spy call to the target phone and listen in to the phones surroundings upto to a circumference of 15ft .This does not allow you to listen to the phone conversation in progress.

photo Photo and video monitoring

Juju will let you know what kind of photos are in the target phone as well as all videos recorded and stored in the phone along with their dates and time.

remoteunistallRemote controlled:

Immediately after installation, all the spy phone features can be controlled by sending undetectable SMS commands. You can start, stop, and change all the spy phone settings without ever touching the phone.


Juju allows you to receive complete emails sent to and from the mobile, and retrieve all the contacts in the phone book.


Through Juju you can access your targets appointment book and the calendar entries and gets all the information you may need.

video Photo and video monitoring

Photo and video monitoring Juju will let you know what kind of photos are in the target phone as well as all videos recorded and stored in the phone along with their dates and time.

calllog Sim Change Notification

If someone tries to cover their tracks by changing the SIM card in the target phone, the phone number will change and you won’t know what number to call to make a Spy call. To deal with this situation, Juju Mobile Phone spy Software offers SIM change notification so that you will receive a SMS if the SIM card changes, you get to know the new number and can continue to make spy calls.


3. Miscellaneous

icon_notesJUJU Member Area

All the data that is uploaded from the target phone can be viewed on your JUJU member area.

locktargetphoneBackup and Wipe Data

JUJU enables you to send an SMS/Email command to your phone in case it gets stolen. This results in all the data on the phone

browse SIM change notification

JUJU instantly informs you if the SIM card has been changed on either your target’s phone, depending on…

linechat Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts on calls and SMS from specific trigger phone numbers. You specify the trigger numbers in your JUJU member area

mobilemonitoring Remotely Controlled

JUJU is controlled remotely once installed. You will never have to touch your targets phone again, after installing JUJU on their phone once. You can then send commands to it either through the member’s area or through an SMS from your own phone and change settings at will